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"I want to make things better for people. I think I finally found my true niche in life. It took me many years to find it, but I love it. It’s very rewarding because I can help people stay in a safe, clean home."

-Barb Steuber, Home Health Aide

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Why Lake Country

A Rewarding Place to Work.

Staff members are individually selected by the management team based on experience, integrity and reliability. The caring paraprofessionals at Lake Country Home Care are specifically trained to care for clients of all ages.

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Here's what our current staff have to say about us.

“It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.”

Dale Howe of Bertha has been an aide with Lake Country Home Care for three years. Before becoming a nursing assistant, Dale was a banker for 28 years, then taught school for 10. “This job gives me purpose,” said Dale. “When I get up in the morning, I know I am going to help somebody. I have real responsibility.”

“I love working with people.”

Nancy Colby has worked for several home care agencies through the years, from public health to hospital-based home care and now for Lake Country Home Care. “Management is so good. They truly care about your personal life and help to make your schedule work with your lifestyle. I’m proud of the company I work for.”

“If you give love, you get so much back.”

Laura Beach of Staples has been a certified nursing assistant for 32 years. She has had the opportunity to take care of two generations within the same family. “I love visiting with my clients and learning history about families and towns. I grew up as a very shy person and this job has allowed me to become more outgoing. It gives me so much self-confidence to be loved by the people I take care of.”